West Alabama Sierra Club
Judson College Earth Team Bridge
Fall, 2008

The West Alabama Sierra Club received a small grant to build a foot bridge across a creek near the birding tower.

The Judson College Earth Team members are doing most of the work on this bridge while Dr. Wilson supervises. This bridge will allow Park visitors to venture into a new area of the Park near Secret Lake.
bridge plans
Earth Team at bridge
Earth Team members pull the strings
Dr. Wilson leveling post
Wilson supervises
Earth Team
Sarah Fowler, Anna Richburg, Beverly Cox, Brooke Champ, and Ashley Cruze of the Judson College Earth Team have worked hard on this bridge.  
Beverley Cox
Anna Richburg
Earth Team
Emily Fitzgerald with bag of Quikrete
Beverly Cox with bag of Quikrete
Piles of Quikrete
Mixing concrete
Putting concrete into post holes
Mixing concrete
Down in the creek
Beverly Cox falls into the mud
Wilson directs the project from his lawn chair
Thomas Wilson resting after nailing wood to bridge
Doris Wilson inspecting the work of husband,Thomas,  and the Earth Team.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Thomas Wilson
email: wils5789@bellsouth.net