Rooster Cogburn

"Art for the Park" Contest

raises over $3,000 for Perry Lakes Park Projects

November, 2006

By Thomas H. Wilson

People were invited to create art based on Mike Bortnick's prized Golden Polish Rooster.... Rooster Cogburn. The art was then auctioned and the proceeds given to the Judson College Earth Team for projects in Perry Lakes park.

The Event was held in the new Marion Art Shop and Gallery owned by Frankie Oglesby of Marion, AL.

Col. Hansen, Marion, AL ... 1st place winner

Col. Bill Hansen, Marion, AL, was one of three first place winners in the Rooster Cogburn art for the Park contest.
Roy Barnett... 1st place winner

Roy Barnett, Marion, AL, shared the 1st place honors in the rooster art contest.
Michelle Fountain's 1st place winner

Michelle Fountain, Sprott, AL., did this rooster art. Her family did the creative framing of the painting.
Artists and visitors enjoyed the good food and the music of the Kudzu Band of Marion.

The kudzu Band of Marion played while artists and visitors enjoyed good food and interesting rooster art.
Brian Burnes "egg rooster"

Marshall Knustson admired the "egg rooster" sculpture created by Brian Burnes of Judson College. Brian is the bass player in the above photo.

Judson Coilege art students are in the background. They did a critique of the show and reported their opinions in class.
Rooster art by Savannah Sundell, Judson College

This rooster art by Judson College art student, Savannah Sundell, will hang in the student lounge at Judson College.
Ernest Williams with rooster art

Ernest Willimas, well know outsider artist from Marion, AL, contributed this piece of Rooster Cogburn at the microphone.
Good food, music, and art ... for the Park

Mike Bortnick and friends put on a good buffett for the "Art for the Park" party, social, and fund raiser. Thank you Mike and Dr. Oglesby.