The Canopy Birding Tower is Being Assembled on Ridge Trail
Flags mark the placement of the ramp for the tower
Ridge Trail runs along Middle and Round lakes. The community of tupelo and bald cypress trees in the oxbow system is an awesome sight. The view from the tower will be unique and exciting.
The braces are being unloaded at the foundation site
Unloading the braces
Paul and Natalie carry the heavy braces
View through the woods
Paul, Coley, Natalie and Adrienne are doing a great job. The next stage is pouring the foundation...then, up comes the tower!
Ramp leading to Bird Tower
Birding tower
This is the ramp along the edge of Ridge Trail. The Birding Tower is on the way up!
Tower level two
Tower level two
Natalie is proud of the team's progress
Natalie, Paul and Andrew Freear at the project
December 16, 2005, and the team is on the second level. This is a wonderful project for the Park. We are all proud of the Tower Team. Andrew Freear (upper right), is proud of his students and the Tower project.
Chad and Hudson Wilson from Mobile visited the Tower project

Chad and Hudson Wilson, Mobile, visited the Tower project and were very impressed.
View of Middle lake swamp near the Tower

The Birding Tower is on Ridge Trail and it faces Middle Lake. The view of this oxbow lake is extremely interesting.

Birding Tower trail ends at a deep water-filled ditch. A hanging bridge spanning this ditch would allow visitors to explore a large island on the other side of the ditch that few people have ever experienced.
This ditch needs a hanging bridge so that we can cross to the unexplored island
Photo taken on Sunday afternoon, 18 December, 2005... and a nice day it was. TW
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