Canopy Tower (cont.)

The Alabama Forestry Commission's fire tower at York, AL., will be taken down, cleaned, galvanized, and reassemblied on Ridge Trail in
Perry Lakes Park.

Fire tower at York, AL.
View from tower top
Top of tower at York
Paul cleaning up the tower deck
Fire tower
Working on the fire tower
Taking the tower down
Paul Howard and Adrienne Brady working on tower
Tower is coming down!
Coley Mulcahy taking in the view
Paul and Natalie working on the tower
Paul, Coley, Natalie and Adrienne have the tower down. The parts and pieces are cleaned, galvanized and labeled. The tower will soon rise about the swamp in Perry Lakes Park. What a wonderful project!
Tower braces stacked at Park
Paul and Adrienne load braces
The galvanized iron of the tower weighs over 19,000 pounds. The crew will lift this weight several times before the tower is finished. Then comes the wooden steps and platforms. Smashed fingers and knuckles are part of this job. You got to love it!
braces loaded onto trailer
Looks like Adrienne likes heavy iron
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