Swamp Lakes
Perry, Middle, Round and Secret

Thomas Willson, Perry Lake, June of 2008
Round Lake, June of 2008
June of 2008
June of 2008
Dawne Shand, Boston, looking at Swamp Island across Perry Lake

Dawne Shand, Boston and Marion Junction, visited the Park to bird and canoe the lakes.
Swamp Island as seen across Perry Lake from the Park road

This is Swamp Island as seen from the Park road by the boat ramp.
Brian and Dawne Shand from Boston at Round Lake access

Brian and Dawne Shand, Boston, and I did some cold weather birding from my scanoe. We broke ice and had a great trip. A Blue-headed Vireo was the bird of the day (22 Dec., 2005)
Birding tower as seen from Round Lake

This is a view of the birding tower which is being built on Ridge Trail. We are out in Round Lake (Dec., 2005).

Canoeing through the swampn cypress

Round Lake
Birding on Round Lake

Swamp Island
Swamp Island
Overcup Oak on Swamp Island
Overcup Oak on Swamp Island (Dec. 05)
Brian Shand, Boston, birding Swamp Island

We saw many Pine Warblers. We added a Blue-headed Vireo to the Park list on this trip.
We broke the ice and eased our way through the swamp

We broke ice as we explored the swamp. Birding was good on Swamp Island.
Thomas and Brian on Swamp Island, Dec. 2005

Thomas Wilson and Brian Shand enjoyed the cold weather birding. We could concentrate on birds and not worry about Swamp Island rattleshakes.
Middle Lake
Round Lake
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