Samford University Campus Ministeries

Conducts Outreach in Perry Lakes Park

Marion, Alabama (March, 2008)

(article and html by Thomas Wilson; photos by Bill Mathews, Judson College)

Leah Shell, Samford University undergraduate leader, organized an outreach project for student volunteers with the goal of working in Marion and Perry Lakes Park. They came on a sunny Saturday morning and work they did. Young people continue to "build" this park.

Samford outreach 2008

(L to R) Casey Harbin, Leah Shell, Nicole Williams, Leah Chapman, Kay Shaw, Dr. Thomas Wilson - Park Environmental Advisor, and Chris Fite. The students had just complete the Pawpaw Patch interpretive area by installing the information sign.
Nicole with the posthole digging
Pawpaw Patch sign
Mulching benches
Muclhing trails
Mulching picnic tables
Removing fallen trees from restroom area
"A happy group are we"

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Dr. Thomas Wilson