Rural Studio Project 2004

Perry Lakes Park, Marion, Perry County, Alabama,

The third group of Rural Studio students has started working on their Park project
The third group of Auburn Rural Studio students are now on the job in the Park. Matthew Edwards, Charlie Jorgensen, Lynielle Houston, and Sara Singleton are standing on a make-shift bridge as they contemplate and plan their special creation in the Park.
Matthew, Sara, Lynielle, and Charlie sit on the bank of Middle Lake and mull over several possibilities for a Park project. They are surrounded by cypress knees, ferns and the bright red fruit of the Euonymous plant named "Hearts Bursting Forth."
Auburn students study Middle Lake for a possible project.
Rural Studios 2004 students with project proposal
Project model for 2004
The 2004 Park project was submitted by the students to the Board at the pavilion (2002 project). The proposed covered bridge will be a great asset to the park and will allow visitors to easily walk to the exciting Ridge Trail and the wilderness of Round, Middle and Secret lakes.
Foundation for the new bridge
Working on the foundation
new bridge
Charlie and Sara remove forms as Lynielle and Matthew plan for the next project. The weather has been good and the work is progressing as planned.
bridge foundation
bridge foundation
Ridge Trail view of the new bridge
Auburn students working on bridge supports
This is the Ridge Trail view of the new bridge. When completed, visitors will have easy access to the wildest part of the Park.
Completion of the Bridge Project
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