Outdoor Action Conducts Second Outreach Project at Perry Lakes Park
Marion, Alabama (August, 2009)

Forty entering students plus six upperclassmen leaders from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa,
Honor's College, conducted their annual outreach project at Perry Lakes Park. Dr. Fran Oneal, UofA, and Dr. Thomas Wilson, Judson College, were faculty leaders in the work adventure.

Projects were the mulching of Pawpaw Patch Trail and also mulching Secret Lake Trail. Four benches were assembled and installed in selected overlook spots along Secret Lake Trail.

A walk through the covered bridge and along Ridge Trail to the Birding Tower is now inhanced by the completion of the Secret Lake Trail. Vistors can continue down Ridge Trail to the new Secret Lake bridge built by Judson College students. The trail is then called Secret Lake Trail and it continues to Secret Lake which is the fourth oxbow lake in the Park. This is a wonderful scenic adventure trail...highly recommended to everyone.

mulching Secret lake trail
mulching Pawpaw Patch Trail
installing bench on Secreet lake Trail
bench on Secret lake Trail
Alex moving trees from trail
Joeseph with walk behind bushhog
lunch in the Park pavilion
lunch on the pavilion

For more information, contact:
Dr. Thomas Wilson
email: wils5789@bellsouth.net