Outdoor Action Conducts Outreach Project at Perry Lakes Park
Marion, Alabama (August, 2007)

Forty six entering students plus six upperclassmen leaders from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa,
Honor's College, conducted their annual outreach project at Perry Lakes Park. Dr. Fran Oneal, UofA, and Dr. Thomas Wilson, Judson College, were faculty leaders in the work adventure.

Dr. Fran Oneal

Thomas Wilson, Judson College, and Fran Oneal, UofA, enjoyed working with the Outdoor Action students. This group is building a footbridge accross Cottonmouth Creek. Wilson designed the bridge and supervised its construction. It was 105 degrees warm during both workday.
Outdoor Action bridge
This sweaty bunch of students did a great job of building the bridge over Cottonmouth Creek.

The supporting posts were secured with dry concrete since the group did not have time for the concrete to harden. Working over wet concrete made it difficult to keep the project leve and square...but they did a great job.
Dr. Oneal was good with the posthole digger. The students worked hard to make the bridge level, square, plum, and perfect.
Bridge over Cottonmouth Creek
Bag of concrete for the posts.
Bridge building

For more information, contact:
Dr. Thomas Wilson
email: wils5789@bellsouth.net