Leading Edge Institute Conducts Leadership Workshop at Perry Lakes Park
Marion, Alabama (June 2006)

Forty young college women from four-year institutes in Alabama attended a leadership workshop at Judson College. Among the learning experiences was an episode of Park design, construction, and environmental awareness.

Earth Team member Angi Gullard gives instructions about building a Park bench
Leading Edge Students are taught the craft of bench building and installation by the Judson College Earth Team.

Biology Professor Thomas Wilson and LEI Director Suzanne Martin assisted in the outdoor workshop.
LEI students learned a lot about remote drills, wratchet sets, and carraige bolts in their workshop in the swamp.  
Building the bench
Selecting the site for the bench
Let's put the bench right here
Earth Team member, Lauren Stephens, makes sure the bench is level
The bench was set in concrete since the area is a Cahaba River flood plain.
Putting the sign together
Making the Birding Tower sign
This way to the Birding Tower
Park visitors can now find the wonderful 100-ft-tall birding tower that has made Perry Lakes Park a famous and important hot spot for birders.
Leading Edge Institute students returned to the Park for projects again in 2007

Leading Edge Institute 2008 workshop at Paw Paw Patch Bridge
Thomas Wilson and Caroline Reich lead this bench project.

Thomas Wilson and Caroline Reich were project leaders for this LEI park bench project.
Dr. Caroline Reich with posthole digger
Dr. Caroline Anderson Reich, Judson College graduate from Birmingham, joined the LEI group and helped install a bench in the park.
LEI students (2007) enjoyed the ramp to the birding tower. They were proud to contribute to the Park and to make it part of their leadership training experience. LEI students enjoy the ramp at the Park birding tower

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