Outdoor Action Conducts Outreach Project at Perry Lakes Park
Marion, Alabama (August, 2011)

Fifty entering students plusfour upperclassmen leaders from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa,
Honor's College, conducted one of their annual outreach projects at Perry Lakes Park. Dr. Fran Oneal, UofA, Randy Mecredy (Director of UofA Natural History Museum), and Dr. Thomas Wilson, Judson College Biologist and Park Environmental Advisor, were faculty leaders in the work adventure.

Randy Mecredy leading the log removal project

Randy Mecredy was leader in the log jam removal project by the Judson College bridge. This "log team" worked hard for two days and cleard over 15 trees from Park trails. One rotten tree held a beautiful and uncommon Blue Racere snake that slide quickly between the workers legs.
The bench repair team

This is the bench repair team. They mowed trails, repaired benches, and cut brush and briers out of the trails. The park is looking good... nice, clean and comfortable benches await visitors.
Mulching trails
Logan placing trail markers
Randy Mecredy cutting logs from trailsRandy Mecredy lead the log removal team at the Park. All trials are now clear and ready for the late summer bushhog.
Clearing Eagle Trail
After lunch nap

After lunch naps. Maybe we worked them a little too hard!
Swimming in the Cahaba River

A cool swim in the Cahaba River at Barton's Beach was a fun reward for two days hard work in the Park...well deserved and very much appreciated.
Having fun at Barton's Beach

For more information, contact:
Dr. Thomas Wilson
email: wils5789@bellsouth.net